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AWT offers four core products and related consulting services:

Digital Archiving and Asset Management System

Advertising management systems for multi-channels media

Content management systems for media companies and online content providers

Media solution provider and consultancy


Advertising Management System  AS8

Manage advertisement for both digital & traditional media from bookings, production to finance, billing  and analysis.

Digital Asset

Digital Asset Management System  DAM

DAMS give users the power to control their digital assets in a more organized way and make sharing assets easier and more secure.


Content Management System CMS

Content management, editorial collaboration, and workflow systems for media companies and online content providers.



 Adobe’s business from product innovation and customer service to marketing, financials, governance, and workforce.



netX has been a leader in the Digital Asset Management market for education, museums and cultural heritage. 


Canto is committed to digital asset management software and services that solve customer challenges.


ProImage is a leading digital workflow, ink optimization, color image solutions for printing and publishing industries.


World's leading independent, end-to-end IT services company, serving nearly 6,000 private and public sector clients


The media software solutions developed by AWT are comprehensive solutions that enable automation of the content management workflow, covering content planning, preparation, ingestion, editing, production and archiving of media companies; advertisement management for content providers. The system architecture is designed around open platform, supporting both premises and cloud-based environment, scalable design according to user requirement.


AWT provides comprehensive services to traditional and online media, with a view to satisfying the various needs of these customers, AWT provides technical advice and system integration services relating to media business hardware and software. AWT aims to offer to its customer’s complete services that cover all aspects of media companies and help to streamline the customers’ entire management workflow. Such services allow the customers to perform complex and time-consuming task at much reduced prices and minimal technical support.

AWT is one of the leading software developers in the media sector in Asia. Its growth and development are attributed by the following factors:

Established market position

AWT’s advertising management, content management and digital asset management solutions have been used by some of the major media companies, publishing houses and corporations in China, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Singapore and Taiwan. The broad customer base forms the foundation for product expansion with some of them being potential users of AWT’s latest products.

A strong and dedicated management team of AWT focused on the media industry All of the senior management of AWT have extensive experience in media software development and application. Under the leadership of them and built on their knowledge of the media industry, AWT has been successful and is renowned for its content management, digital asset management systems and advertisement management systems that are used by many media companies in the South East Asian region.


Openness of its solutions

One of the competitive advantages of AWT’s solutions over those of the competitors is its ability to develop easy-to-use media solutions on an open system interface which enables its products to be easily integrated with other common commercial software.



AWT Advertising System won the CEPA eBusiness Special Award of the Hong Kong Outstanding Software Application Competition. AWT’s advertising system also received the IT Excellent Product Awards in Hong Kong which indicate our success in not only developed an excellent products but also the well received by the customer in this region. AWT has maintained close working relationships with major hardware and software suppliers in developing its media software technologies.

Our China arm, QiYu has been accredited with the status of PRC national software enterprise, High Technology company.  In 2014 and 2016, QiYu has also received the recommendation on solution provision of Publishing industry digital migration & upgrade project from State Administration of Press, Publication Radio, Film & TV of China.


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